About The Property

The Vineyard McLaren Vale is a fifteen acre working vineyard offering boutique accommodation in the spectacular McLaren Vale wine region, just fifty minutes south of Adelaide city.

Our superb property is just a short distance from some of the finest cellar doors and restaurants this world renowned wine region has to offer including D'Arenberg, Samuels Gorge, Yangarra Estate, The Salopian Inn, Star of Greece, Coriole, The Currant Shed and many more.

The Vineyard McLaren Vale offers guests the choice of four elegantly appointed self-contained guest houses (two 1 bedroom, two 2 bedroom/2 bathroom) each with their own private deck to enjoy stunning views of the surrounding vines and valleys.

We passionately believe our job is not only to give you the finest accommodation for your stay in McLaren Vale but to help make sure your whole experience of the region is the best it can be. When you call or email to enquire please tell us what kind of experience you would most interests you when you visit. We, too, were visitors to The Vale before becoming permanent residents and we continue to evaluate all the region has to offer from the visitor's perspective.

Unbiased advice is our core ideology and allows us to suggest inclusions to your itinerary so you experience the attributes of McLaren Vale which particularly appeal to you. The advice and opinions we offer are purely for your benefit and are free of conflict as we never take any remuneration or freebies from anything, anyone or anywhere we recommend...it's exactly what we would do for our own friends and family.

About McLaren Vale

Blewitt Springs is a sub-region in the north east of the McLaren Vale wine district. Vineyards in the area are between 150 and 250 metres above sea level, they have deep sandy soils, cooler weather through the year than the town of McLaren Vale and fruit is considered to have unique characteristics. The winery Clarendon Hills is famous for making and highlighting Blewitt Springs wines and selling them for super prices in the US market.

Most wine connoisseurs learn early on about the centuries old French classifications denoting the most prized and investable wines made in Burgundy and Bordeaux. Here in Australia the classification system took a little longer to develop but in 1991 Langton’s released its first Classification of Australian wine. Followed by wine collectors and wine trade around the world, it is viewed locally in the classic Aussie vernacular of a “form guide” and is revised every 5 years with its classifications consisting of Exceptional, Outstanding, Excellent and Distinguished. There are only forty-nine wines across the combination of the top two Exceptional and Outstanding categories - three of the wineries producing those wines* are within a 3 minute drive...two of them are even visible from The Vineyard McLaren Vale. 

* The wines are Clarendon Hills’ Astralis (4km’s), d’Arenberg’s The Dead Arm (4km’s) and Kay Brothers Amery Vineyards’ Block 6 (2 km’s)

Each of the above mentioned wines are shiraz (or Syrah if you prefer) based reds, however, if you look carefully around the district, you’ll see many vineyards planted to very old, gnarly, dry grown Grenache vines. On The Vineyard McLaren Vale’s property, up near the Jacuzzi on the top of our hill, you’ll see our Grenache vineyard solidly coming in as a quinquagenarian, leathering under the afternoon sun on its own private beach, a good 10 kilometers back from the water’s edge…water, by the way, named the Gulf of Saint Vincent, the same paragon chosen as the patron saint of wine growers!

For our money, this variety is the best kept secret of McLaren Vale. A good McLaren Vale Grenache often displays nuances of plum, mulberry and even cherry along with tobacco leaf and spice. One of the best we've tasted in recent years, besides our own Grenache, is the Yangarra High Sands Grenache. We will come clean here and openly admit that Pete Fraser, the head winemaker at Yangarra, is a friend of ours, as we're sure he’d tell you, because of our obsession with being unbiased that makes it even harder for us to admit that his wines impress us.

And don’t just look at the pure grenache drops, the blends are awesome too. Keep an eye out for the word Cadenzia on the wine labels – in McLaren Vale there are several producers using this nomenclature to describe wines primarily made from grenache but blended with other curiosities to make some cracking little gems.

About The Owners

The Cross family: Anthea is a born and bred South Australian native and Stu a bit of a mutt from all over. For a decade from her mid-twenties Anthea travelled the world, alternating between working and sightseeing, and Stu, who lived in the UK until he was sixteen, went to University and lived for twenty plus years in Southern California. (To be fair to Anthea's travel decade, Stu would have spent at least a decade in university if not for intervention from his father who saw that Stu was simply delaying graduation in order to teach skiing, play rugby, crew racing yachts and generally party).

As a couple they lived in Sydney, Colorado and California before settling in South Australia with their two young boys. Having seen a fair bit of the world they both feel lucky to be able to live in The Vale and bring you an accommodation offering on par with international standards.


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Please note: 2 night minimum applies with the exception of Public Holiday Weekends where a 3 night minimum applies.
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